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  Did you know?

The United States had more than 76 million internet users at the end of 1998, 52% of the worldwide total of 147 million.

When it comes to increasing consumer awareness of brands, on-line banner adds are just as effective as a 30-second TV commercial (Ipsos-ASI).

Once a haven for the upper-middle class and well educated, the Internet will be home to mainstream America when the newest Net users get wired. Most of them make less than $50,000 annually and almost half didn't go to college (Intelliquest).

1997 On-line transactions totaled over $9 BILLION.

Dell Computer Corporation reports sales topping US $3 million worth of computer products sold over the Internet per day as of October 1997.

Piper Jaffray estimates that by the year 2001 Internet based business to business transactions will total $201.6 BILLION.

On-line ad revenue for the third quarter of 1998 climbed to $491 million, a 116 percent increase over the third quarter of 1997 (IAB).

Worldwide spending for on-line advertising will reach $15 BILLION by 2003 (Forrester).

According to J.D. Powers & Assoc., about 1.5 million cars have been sold over the Internet.

On-line grocery sales to reach $10.8 BILLION by 2003 (Forrester). sold US $27.9 million in books during the second quarter of this year, up 74 percent from the first quarter.

32% of all small business were on the Internet as of February, 1998- 10% had web sites.

The Computer Industry Almanac projects that there will be 320 million Internet users worldwide at the end of the year 2000, and more than 720 million users worldwide at the end of 2005. The US Internet population will grow to more than 207 million Internet users in 2005 that will be 29 percent of the world's total.

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